Other Services

RPM Geospatial offers comprehensive surveying solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, guaranteeing the most precise, efficient and versatile solution for every situation.

Offshore Operations

Working in offshore environments can be challenging enough even when conducting generalized low-risk work. However, performing operations in and around oil and gas platforms or off moving vessels presents a unique challenge. At RPM Geospatial, our team is fully trained and holds all required certificates, including CAPP Medical, Basic Survival Training with HUET-HUEBA and H2S Alive.

The combined services of RPM Geospatial and its sister company, RPM Aerial, owns & operates high-capacity systems proven to perform in the most challenging environments and can perform many tasks including:

  • General RGB inspections (ex. Flair Stacks)
  • Infrared inspections
  • Dimensional scanning
  • Aerial deployment of GPS based Oil Spill tracking systems
  • Aerial deployment of GPS based Iceberg tracking systems
  • RPAS/Drone-based rig-to-rig package delivery (up to 30kg)
  • Unique customized work, to meet specialized needs
  • Emergency Services available

Water Leak Detection

RPM Geospatial utilizes various water leak detection technologies including fully radiometric & calibrated Infrared cameras on aerial platforms that are operated by its sister company RPM Aerial.

Tackling every project methodically and systematically, our team can help locate water leaks efficiently, saving your town significant money as well as costly treated water – a precious commodity.

Buried Infrastructure & Ground Anomaly Detection

RPM Geospatial utilizes a variety of technologies and methods to detect and locate buried infrastructure and identify ground anomalies such as soil disturbances or underground cavities. Some of these technologies include Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Magnetometer, Very Low Frequency (VLF) Systems, and other cutting-edge technologies.

By adding position referencing to the subsurface information, our solutions help to increase reliability and productivity in construction projects, providing accurate information for GIS and Mapping, as well as Project Planning and Preparedness.

Contact RPM Geospatial today to see what solution is right for your project.